Long time fans of SlingMedia’s products, we’ve always like the idea of the SlingBox. We especially liked when they introduced a mobile player, but hated that there was no Blackberry love. They had Window Mobile which I just wasn’t going to be using anytime back then or in the future. I can’t lie though, I seriously thought about getting a Windows Mobile phone, just so I could use the SlingBox, but snapped out of it.

Now I’ve been following the stories of SlingMedia working on a Blackberry app (and for that matter an iPhone one which should be coming soon) and when SlingMedia released the Private Beta of their app for Blackberry, I got excited! Now in Public Beta, we hit up SlingMedia to get review one of their boxes. So they sent over the SlingBox Solo for review, so we’ll be hooking it up and checking it out. For our little test, will be using a Blackberry Bold as well as on a Laptop for good measure. So stay tuned for the full review!

For now check out the Gallery here. And for more information check out www.slingmedia.com

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