vibe2-2.jpg Ok so some time has passed now since we have been field testing the V-Moda Vibe 2 and now it is time for us to weight in on them. To start off fashion wise, these are a good looking pair of earphones. Now we do think that the Vibe Duos looked better especially the chrome and .nero ones, the Vibe 2 are still a good looking pair of earphones.

When it came to fit, they seemed to fit a little better than the Vibe Duo. With the Vibe Duo when in the ear, it wasn’t uncomfortable, but you could clearly tell that they were in your ears. With the Vibe 2 they didn’t cause any discomfort and fit in perfectly.


Now when it came to sound, we definitely think the Vibe 2 sound better than the Vibe Duo. Sound came out much sharper, crispier, and quality was at it’s best. However we do think the volume they pumped out was softer than the Vibe Duo. Maybe, maybe not, call us crazy but we found we had to turn up the volume more to listen to the Vibe 2 as the same sound level we had with the Duos.


So what do you guys and gals have out there? Do you already have a pair of V-Moda earphones? If so, we’d said keep them and not upgrade to this, the Vibe Duo is better looking and has the same level of quality sounds as the new Vibe 2. But if you don’t have a pair, we would suggest definitely getting a pair, especially over say a Bose earphones. This earphones are going for $128 at Apple stores and if your going to get a pair of $100+ earphones, forget Bose and pick up a pair of V-Modas!

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