droid Now the Android like Blackberry theme were coming and you already knew this. We just finished talking about one from Jason Calhoun and that was a very good theme. However is this was a contest, the team from Elecite.com just one up what you can do with a Android like theme. Their theme called simple Droid is a very nice replica of the Android look and feel and where they really excelled, you can even see with a picture.

You see if you look at the video below, you’ll see that they have made this theme just like the Android, even adding in the side sliding action as well! This theme feature 15 (count’em 15) user customizable homescreen icons which is great. The first screen has 5 and when you keep scrolling to the right, the screen slides like the G1 and revel 3 rows of 5 more icons. For any more than that, you hit the menu button for the main screen. Have a look at the video below.

Now while this is great, we do have to make mention of some negative points. As you can see from the first screen above, for some reason when you highlight a icon, the description of what they icon is gets chopped off. Now while a little chop here or there isn’t bad, major items have whole letter chopped off which isn’t cool.


Now this isn’t a issue on the mainscreen on the homescreen it looks like someone to a weed cutter to the words. We must say that the icons set look GREAT! It looks just like the ones on the G1 and it looks remarkably clear and crisp on the Bold’s screen. The colors, the icons, the sliding screen, all makes this a highly worthy Android replica. The only negative mark being the fact that the words beneath the icons has gotten cut off, makes this a great theme if you can get past that point.


This theme is going for $6.99 and it is available for the Blackberry Bold, Storm, Pearl, Curve, Curve 8900, and 8800! For more information definitely check out www.elecite.com