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Did you See This Week?: Heroes – Building 26

We have to apologize as this should of been up last week. We got a little delayed so sorry for that. Now on to this episode of Heroes. We don’t want to give away how this goes but in this episode Nathan’s new boss, Abby Collins doesn’t believe in his project, while the mysterious Rebel continues to reach out to save lives. How do you think the season is going? Some aren’t liking it and feel it has been downhill since season 2, while other hope for this season to turn out good. What are your thoughts?

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  1. I’m one of those that is still hoping for this to be a good season. I mean so far I don’t feel let down by the season, but it is feeling a little like Fox’s Prison Break. But I’ll keep watching as I’m a fan and I support the show lol

  2. This volume is (so far…) definitely better then the previous one. I used to be psyched to watch Heroes on Mondays but found myself (during volume 3) skipping the original air date and just catching up online. Glad to see that they are getting back on track!


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