fridaythe13th_gallerytheatricalSo this past weekend I went to see the new remake of “Friday The 13th”. If you have been living in a cave for the past 20 or more years then you won’t know the story of Jason Vorhees. Jason lives at Camp Crystal Lake, where he actually drowned at as a kid. Since then Jason has seen fit to get revenge for the camps negligence of letting him drown and for the murder of his dear mother, who also had gotten some revenge for the counselors she feels let her son die. If she would have just had some patience she would have found out that her son came back from that awful day at camp and Camp Crystal Lake could have been a thriving business, but then we wouldn’t have all the great past “Friday the 13th” movies. LOL

Well in this new version of the classic series, they take us back to the beginning. Or should I say it starts at the end of Jason’s mother’s murderous rampage and then starts us off fresh with a whole new beginning to Jason’s long trail of dead adolescent campers. In this rendition which I’m sure is a starting point to more “13th” movies, they add much more background to how Jason lives, so to speak. The camp has long been deserted since Jason’s mother went all crazy on the counselors, and Jason lives there from a child to a full grown adult maniac, just roaming the woods surrounding the camp site. The town’s people seem to know he’s there and they stay out of his woods because of that fact, but there’s always going to be those pesky out of towners who just doesn’t know any better.

Now I myself have always loved the “13th” movies, but there have been times when the series went a bit too far. For instance one time it was an alien worm that was making people kill like Jason. Another time he visited New York, I guess he got tired of the woods and wanted a vacation. Then there was the time he was in space. See kids anyone can be an astronaut even a sociopath killer. Then he even fought Freddie Kruger in his last movie. So when I heard they were making the story all over again, I was a little skeptical. Then when I heard that Michael Bay was involved I became intrigued. I mean this man just brought us Transformers; he’s in a good place right now he can’t possibly mess this movie up and make it cheesy. I was right! This movie was great! Jason lives again!!! The movie had a lot of great scary scenes, and they didn’t even come with Jason’s patented music behind them. You will jump when seeing this movie, and isn’t that what it’s all about? You want to be scared of Jason and the woods all over again. There will be a lot of people canceling they’re camping trips this summer. I give this new remake 2 ¾ slashes of a 4 machetes. I would have given it 3 but it didn’t get too gory, like say the ‘Texas Chainsaw” remake, but it’s definitely a good horror movie to go see. The movie is rated R for strong bloody violence, some graphic sexual content, language and drug material. It was directed by Marcus Nispel. It was written by Damian Shannon , Mark Swift, and Mark Wheaton. It was produced by Platinum Dunes, MTV Films. It was distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution

The next time you think of going camping, go to the beach instead. That is until they make a “Jaws” remake. Ezo
Next week’s movie:TBD