The Veneer Theme by

veneer Just before Friday ended I caught wind of eVeek’s newest theme the Veneer theme. I must say this theme starts off hot!

This theme on the onset is very hot, the framed homescreen, the hot car as the wallpaper and the icon set is great! The theme features six user customizable icons on the homescreen, and on the Bold the whole homescreen just pops. So area to note though is with the 3rd party apps. Sure one can make the argue that you can’t account for every 3rd party app out there, but it would still be good to keep them in mind. The rollover images for the images in this theme don’t show well on 3rd party apps so sometimes you can’t tell if you are on a certain icon.


For the main screen, I’m not sure why they chose to change the background image. The framed look and background image was totally hot, so I kind of wish they kept it the same for the main screen. The image in there kind of distracts since it isn’t similar from the homescreen. Overall this is a good theme, a couple mishaps here and there, but the look of that homescreen is enough to make us recommend this theme.


This theme is available for the Curve, 8800, Pearl, and Bold models and this is a OS 4.5 theme. Not sure how many of you are still rocking OS 4.2 or 4.3 but if you are you really need to upgrade. You can get this theme from and you must register as a member before you can, but registration is free.