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Distortion Theme by eVeek.com

distortion Following their Premium release of Grunge theme on their Elecite.com theme, they have released this free them for the rest of us. Now while this isn’t on their premium site, it does not in any way mean this theme isn’t premium. eVeek’s quality is again amazing. I love the colors is this theme.

When you first see this theme, it has a great intro animation. I just wish that it would do it again when you went from main menu back to home screen menu. After seeing it that first time, you wish to keep looking at it, since it is just that cool. The home screen features 4 user customizable icons, I wish their was more though as I use way more than 4 apps on a regular basic. The look is great!


The colors looks great for this theme overall, I love them! And the icons are very good, they look amazing on the Bold’s screen. I found no deflects in this theme and you can’t beat the price of free lol. Now while you can change the background for this theme, you would need a special wallpaper to work with this theme, so choose wisely.


These theme is available for the Bold, Pearl, Curve, and the 8800 and you can get it at www.eveek.com, you will need to be a member though. However membership is free, so I would do it as this team always comes out with great themes!

You can get this theme directly here, but you need to be a member again first.

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