amour Valentine’s Day is coming up, so why not get into the spirit by transformer your Blackberry as well. The team at have released the Amour theme for the Pearl, Curve, 8800, and Bold models. And hurry if you act not you can get it for only $2.99 now till February 10th!

The Amour theme is by far the BESt Valentine’s day related theme I’ve see so far. I’ve seen a lot of V Day theme and they are only ok at best until now. The attention to detail is great on this theme! Especially if your looking at this on the Bold, the background image are super crisp, so sharp they cut. And if you look real careful, you’ll see a faint image of white heart on the background, this is actually a pulsating animation. The a bunch of tiny heart come to together forming a bigger heard that pulsates like a heartbeat.


This theme is Wallpaper friendly so feel free to get this theme for your lover/girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband and replace the image with one of you or the both of you and the pulsating hearts will pulsate around the image of you. Nice touch there! Now the only issue we had with this theme, is on the main screen. The hover over image for the icons at times was so faint it was hard to see what icon we was on, this is minor but it should be noted. If your looking for a Valentine’s Day this year for you BB, look no further than this one. And for $2.99, you can’t beat that.


The Amour theme can be picked up at by going to