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Superbowl 43, Congraduations to the Pittsburgh Steelers


We must say congrats to the Pittsburgh Steelers on their 6th Superbowl win. Superbowl 43 was a great game to watch, and we hope that if you did watch this year, you watched it on a HDTV. Glorious moments like James Harrison with a Superbowl record of the longest interception return of a 100 yards (pictured above) or Santonio Holmes catching the game winning TD on his tippy toes lol, this was a great game to watch and if you watched it in HD it was that much better!

The commercials this year wasn’t as good as last year, with only a few notables like the ones from Careerbuilder.com and E-Trade. Other than that, nothing really stood out. Below what we thought was the best commercials this Superbowl.

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