grunge Looks like the team at Elecite/eVeek are at it again! This theme always push the evelope when it comes to Blackberry themes, and the Grunge theme is no different! The Grunge theme in one word: Superb! The Grunge theme home screen looks great, the home screen animation and background look hot!

The scratched vector icons look great as well. These icons work very well with the grunge background. We however have to note that for the icons that they didn’t do a icon for, the default icons that was left are very hard to see with the background. This is also a probably in such application like the Facebook app, when navigating the menu option is hard since the words are very hard to see.


The menu area for the Inbox are ok as they have put a Black based background to the menus with white text. The theme features a top Zen dock that slants upwards, and has 6 user customizable icons which is as we say here a plus. Overall this is a very funky theme and it is very unique. This is the kind of theme we expect from the team at Elecite and they never let us down. We wish just a little more time was spent on the details such as the other default icons and the menu areas of some of the popular app out there. But this is still a great theme!


You can pick this theme up at, it is available for the Bold, Curve, and 8800 models. This theme cost $6.99