twitter-bird Ok so we feel the need to give something away. We gave away a Ooma phone system, an iPod Nano, and now we want to give away this Peek email device. The Peek email device which we like to call “Blackberry Classic” is a mobile device that allows you to send email on the go. No locking you into a 2 year contract. You simply buy the device ($79.95) and then pay month to month. Monthly service is $19.95 a month, and if you don’t want to use it anymore, just cancel, no termination fees!

***We have decided to cancel this giveway, but we are still giving away he Peek email device, just not we added something else on with it. Check it out here.***


So how to win this device. It is simple, first you must be a member of Twitter. We are trying to get 500 followers on our Twitter page ( So go out and tell everyone to follow us on Twitter. We already have 192, so once we hit 500, we’ll check to see who hooked us up the most and the Peek is yours. Now how to hook us up. Tell all your friends on twitter to follow G Style Magazine (, and when they do have to send us a @gstylemagazine that says I’m following #gstylemagazine thanks to @*insertusername* We’ll be tracking the messages with the #gstylemagazine.

Once we hit 500 users, the one who brought us the most followers wins the Peek email device! So spread the word! :o) To learn more about the Peek email device, check out