The H7 Theme by Jason Calhoun

h7 Over the week Jason of let me know he had a new theme out called H7. With a name like H7, it already sounds like something good and then you see the theme! Right from first look, this theme is hot! Especially on the Blackberry Bold’s screen!

The first thing I must say about this theme is the fact that it works well with the 3rd party apps I have. I was talking to Jason about this some and was telling him that a lot of good themes come out, but the 3rd party apps aren’t thought about and then you have this beautiful design that gets ruined with the 3rd party apps don’t fit well with the rest of the home screen. The home screen on the H7 works perfect with my 3rd party apps, they all fit right in with the theme. A BIG plus!


The home screen also features a Today plus area that shows your Calendar entries. Also let me not forget that the home screen icons are user customizable, which is always a plus! This theme also feature custom icons for the notification for new email, IM, BB Messenger which all look really good. The menus areas have some transparency to them, but not too much and this theme is wallpaper friendly which is very cool!


You can pick this hot theme at and it will run you $6.00, which is worth it.