se7en In a time when there are theme designers are doing Mac/Vista/XP themes to death for the Blackberry, you may see this theme and think another Operating System theme oh wow! But here is where it is different. First this was done by Hedone Designs, second this is of a Operating System that isn’t even out yet! Yes Hedone this time decided to do a Blackberry theme based on the upcoming Windows 7 theme, and as always it looks great!

Unlike another Windows 7 theme I just recently seen, this theme features a user customizable bottom dock and a Today plus area for the Calendar. The bottom dock only 5 icons, which can be difficult if you have more than icons you use on a regular basis. I think it would of been even hotter if it was a side scrolling bottom dock! What is also hot about this theme are the signal and battery meters! They actually do double duty, while they function as meters, they also are buttons themselves! The Battery meter doubles as a button for the options area, the signal meter doubles as the Manage Connection button, and the Profiles as he Profiles button. Nice touch!


The overall appearance of the theme is well put together. The layout looks sharp and very detailed, and feel much like a good replica of the Window 7 OS. I also like the menus areas. It was a nice touch to put the transparent edges to the menu area which further makes this a well put together theme, this isn’t no amateur theme here!


In a sea of OS theme, the Se7en theme by Hedone Design stands out! I would definitely recommend picking this one up. You can get this theme at and it will run you $7.00. It is currently only available for the Blackberry Bold, but the site has that it that all others will be available on January 27th, which by the time you read, should be available!