jazz Hedone is back with another new theme for the Blackberry Bold as well as the Curve and 8800. This is a great theme for the musician or any music lover. This is a very unique theme and I love the way it looks, especially on the Bold bright and vibrant screen. I love how the design elements look, though it can be a little confusing when trying to determine what icon is what since they are traditional icons.

The home screen icons make up various items you would see on stage when at a performance. Since the icons are user customizable, depending on how you move the icons, the Microphone could be your message area or your Calendar depending. This is the tricky part since you will need to remember where you put what.


The icons on the main screen area are one we have seen before, but they work well with the background and overall fit of the theme. This is a very unique theme, and we applaud Hedone for his creative skills in coming up with this one. This isn’t a theme for everyone, but if you a fan of music, real live music, this is a theme you definitely need to have in your collection.


You can pick up the theme from www.hedonedesign.com and it will run you $7.00. Again this is available for the Bold, Curve, and 8800.