A Step Into the Future, Smartphones Are The Future


This is circulating all over today and it is another first when it comes to this Presidency. We are not getting to involved in politics but this one had to be note. Along with many other first, Barack Obama will be the first President to be able to step into the 21st century and will be actually allowed to use a Blackberry device while President. Obama a devote Crackberry user had been trying to keep his Blackberry since he was elected the newest President, but due to security concerns it was unclear if he was going to be able to keep it.

Well if seem it has been confirmed, that he indeed will be able to keep his Blackberry. Barack Obama, the first President to be a Crackberry user, ushering in a great look for smartphones the world over! This has made Barack Obama just that much cooler!

[via Engadget]