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Underwater Theme by Hedone Design

underwater First off we must day congrats to Hedone on his new official site HedoneDesign.com congrats man! He has a new theme out called Underwater. It is a animated theme and is available for all models except the newer 8220 Flip model. I must first day that I’m not more for animated themes, but this theme is cool. this theme features a top row of 6 icons (which are user customizable, always a plus!) and then has a animate background of fish swimming by. the Bold version I have always includes the extra feature of the TodayPlus area when you highlight the Calendar.

This is a really cool theme. It reminds of me those screen savers from back in the day of the fish tank. Where you would activate it and the monitor would have fish swimming by, interacting with each other and what not. And back when I had that, I use to love that thing, I would stare at the fish for long periods of time as if they were real lol. I find myself doing the same with this theme lol, which is why I refuse to use it as my main theme, because I wouldn’t get any work done lol. I think this is a great theme to put on your Blackberry when your on vacation and relaxing, as this theme has that calming effect that would go perfect with any vacation.


The icons used are ones Hedone has use before in a previous theme, but I don’t seen anything wrong with this as it goes well with the theme. I’m always going to end my review here, as there is nothing I can say more about this theme, than it is FLAWLESS. A first if you asked me, I search all over looking for a negative mark and honestly I couldn’t find one. So go get this theme, nuff said!


Again this theme is available for all models except the newer 8220 model. And you can pick this theme up from Hedone’s new site www.hedonedesign.com and runs a cost of $7.00

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