This year we are trying to make sure that we truly are where you guys want to be. So if your on Facebook and your logged in, but then want to pop on by to G Style and maybe make a comment, you’ll no longer have to sign up with a new site. Using Facebook Connect, you can connect your FB account that G Style Magazine. Whenever you sign into Facebook, if you come to G Style you will be already logged in and can post comments with your profile picture and info. You can even choose to publish what you read on your FB page.

So how do you do it. Well you’ll see this fbconnectlogo button on the sidebar of G Style Magazine. All you need to do is click it and a pop up box will allow you to connect your profile. Once you do, G Style Magazine will be one among many cool sites you can connect with using Facebook Connect. Some of these include (which we just feature here), Digg, TechCrunch, CitySearch, and MyBarackObama so we are in good company.

So if your in the neighborhood, stop by and connect with us! :o)