Slackberry Radio For Blackberry

slacker Yesterday Slacker Radio released a mobile application for the Blackberry. This adds the second “cool” app for radio streaming for the Blackberry. The first was FlyCast and now this. Slacker Radio lets you listen to all of your favorite personalized Slacker stations on your BlackBerry for free. You can listen to over 100 stations programmed by music experts or create your own custom stations right from your Blackberry.

So other features include the ability to have detailed artist biographies, full album reviews, and the music can be stored on your phone so you can listen even when you don’t have a connection! Using a feature they call station caching which basically lets you save the station to your memory card so you can listen to it even when you are not in a signal area. To use the Slacker Radio app, you need to have a Blackberry OS of 4.3 or higher and live in the US.

You can pick this app up by going to from your Blackberry browser, or to read more check out