palmpre As some of you may or may not know, this week is CES week. CES is the largest tech expo around and many companies drop big announcements during this time. One company that need one was Palm. One the PDA kings, their relevancy in the smartphone business has been going down for awhile now and they need a big play to get back in there. During CES this week, they have unveiled a new OS called WebOS & phone the Pre.

At first glance we like to say this phone has G Style, it has a nice shape and the new OS for it so far looks good. Of course there is nothing like a full review to be sure, but on the surface it looks like this has definitely potential.This phone will have EV-DO Rev. A, 802.11b/g, GPS, Bluetooth, 8GB of internal storage, a 3MP camera with LED flash, MicroUSB connection, mass storage support, 3.5mm headphone jack and Bluetooth A2DP support. It will also feature a 3.1-inch multitouch display with a 320 x 480 resolution.

The Pre has some hot features like a touchscreen gesture area right underneath the main display allows for gesture controls and common tasks. The interface is so much better than any of Palm’s past phones. From flick scrolling and swiping to a quick launcher available throughout the interface for apps, contacts and more. Palm will also have what is called Synergy. This feature allows for one log in for multiple online sources, making logging into sites like Google, Outlook and Facebook easier since you won’t have to log in with duplicating entries. This is also applied to the calendar, which displays color-coded entries indicating each separate sync source. There is no word on release dates and pricing yet, but Sprint is hoping to get this out by first quarter this year. so if your a Sprint user or a lover of Palm, keep your eye out for this one.

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