icebluezen Now we are starting to see the Bold theme rolling in. And a nice way to start off the new year. The Ice Blue theme isn’t an over the top theme, but it’s simple clean design makes it something desirable. Now while the colors to me are very Mac-ish, which I’ve seen before I am very biased to Blue based themes, as I love the color Blue.

The first thing I notice about this theme is on the home screen, contrary to the image above which I took from his site, there is no white bar with the icons on top of it. Instead there is just a bottom zen dock of icons, which are free floating. Upon highlighting a icon, a white box appears behind the icon. This is a nice touch. The top banner is nice and thing and everything fits. Once issue I do have is the batter and signal meter. With them being white, I had a hard time seeing them on an already white background. I found myself spending extra time to see it. Another plus though is that the


On the main screen, the same clean design continues. I do wish that he followed the same look of the home screen but letting the icons float free without the white box behind it, but this is minor. I’m also please to announce that this theme is wallpaper friendly, something I truly love. The ablitiy to use a picture you want as a Wallpaper is always a add plus.


Overall this is a great theme, home screen is user customizable, theme is wallpaper friendly, and it is clean cut throughout in it’s design. This theme is available from for $7.00 and is available for the Bold, 8800, and the Curve models. Check it out now! And Happy New Year from us here at G Style Magazine. This is our first post of the new year!