Peek Email Device *Holiday Gift Idea*

peek Ok so today is the 22nd of December and you only have 2 shopping days left. Here is the scenario. Your a gadget head (well of course you are or you wouldn’t be reading G Style lol), and you need to get a gift for say Mom, your grandmother or father, or anyone who just either isn’t into technology or needs email but doesn’t exactly want a complex smartphone. Enter Peek. Peek is email and just that. No complex smartphones like Blackberry devices, iPhones, or G1s, no this gift idea isn’t for the tech heads.

This gift is intended for those who you want to be able to access via email and keep in touch with, without them having to have something complex. The Peek device cost $99.95 and can be brought at their site which is or can be brought at Target and The service cost $19.99 a month and you don’t have to sign a contract to use it, completely on a month to month basis. So if you have family or friends who don’t want to get into the smartphone game, but would like email on the go, this would be a great Holiday gift this season!