Sonos Zone Player 90 *Holiday Gift Idea*

sonos90 I have always been a fan of Sonos, but have never made the time to save up and get one. Hey if I’m lucky, someone will give this to me as a gift. The Sonos ZonePlayer 90 lets you play all the music you want, all over your house, on all the audio equipment you already own — your home theater receiver, stereo system, powered speakers, and more. Just connect the ZP90 to any amplified audio device in any room and it’s instantly part of the wireless Sonos system. The ZP90’s digital and analog outputs deliver superior sound to every room. And with the ZP90’s superior wireless range, no room is out of reach. The ZP90 is super small, so it will fit just about anywhere. Plus, every ZP90 includes a Sonos Desktop Controller for the ultimate in control and convenience.

Now this gift is a little steep, going for $349.00, but this is a great system. And now Sonos has a App for the iPhone, that allows you to control all your zone players in any room, right from the phone. So this is a really great system if you have a MAC, iPhone, and then this. With it’s white color, it will fit right in with your MAC world! You can find more information at