stomlikeh Seems like this is a theme weekend. This is another theme by Hedone Design called the StormLike. I must start off by saying that honestly I’m not a fan of any Storm like, Bold like themes. While they were cool at first, after everyone does one, it gets kind of lame. With that being said, this theme is great! lol


This theme is another hot theme by Hedone Design, and the reason I say this is because I really didn’t intend to put any Storm like theme on my Bold because just wasn’t into it. But the great job by Hedone Design is undeniable. The icons are sharp, and so clear, it looks great on the Bold’s screen. The icons look so good, if you didn’t know better, you would click on the actual screen, assuming like the actual Storm that your screen should click down as well.


The icons on the home are user customizable which is always a plus, and the biggest thing about this thing that I like, is I’m not limited in the choice of wallpaper. Some themes look great and have a unique look to them, but sometimes you just wish you could choose the wallpaper you want to go with the theme. This is perfect on this StormLike theme. As you can see above I choice this wallpaper to test how the theme would like with another wallpaper (You can call it a tribute to their Sand theme as well with the stones and all lol), and it looked just as great. Because of this simple fact, i think I will be rocking this theme for while as I’ve had some wallpapers I wanted to use, but couldn’t with m current theme.


Overall this is a great theme and has change my opinion on a Storm theme. Now while I don’t see myself downloading more Storm like themes, I can’t help but give kudos to this one. This theme cost $7.00 and is available for all Blackberry models. The StormLike themes comes in both a Zen Bottom dock version, as well as a Today Plus version. You can get this and other Hedone Design themes from