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The Weekly Recap 12/1 – 12/5

happyholidays We are getting closer and closer to Christmas. How is that gift shopping coming along? Be sure you are checking out some of G Style’s Holiday Gift Ideas & Stocking Stuffers. So far we have dropped ideas on mobile phones, mp3 players, HDTVs, and computers. There will be more of course, right up until Christmas Eve, so keep it locked to G Style Magazine! So what happened this week in the world of CE.

Plan Ahead to Watch Movies From Your Backyard in the Future
Open Air Cinema has released it’s inflatable projection screens. For $999, you’ll get a 220-inch screen that should be perfect for Sunday afternoons of the NFL or movies in the evening, plus a blower that will inflate it in seconds. There are also 12-foot and 9-foot versions available for $599 and $449. Check out more at [BusinessWire]

Vizio Does Well for Itself on Black Friday, We’re Not Suprised
Being that Vizio is a favorite here at G Style Magazine, for it style appeal, and cost options, we’re not surprised that they sold very well during the Black Friday weekend. So much so that it was of been a sale ever 1.5 seconds, 24 hours a day from that Friday to Sunday period. Quite good indeed. Check out more at [DigiTimes]

The LCD HDTV Christmas Tree In New York City
If you happen to work in midtown Manhattan, you should take a trip to Grand Central. Sharp has erected a 26 foot High Christmas tree with HDTV ornaments. Starting with 52 inches at the bottom and 19s at the top. Read more at [BusinessWire]

Blu Ray Discs Releases for this Week
Some good Blu Ray movies came out this week. Some include Wanted, The Shawshank Redemption, and The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Check out more from [EngadgetHD]

Study Says Americans Text More than the Europeans
Do people still really “talk” on their mobile phone anymore? With text messaging, emails, IMs, who calls anymore. Now it seems we Americans are doing it more than Europeans. Check out more at [WashingtonPost]

We Started the Did You See…..This Week Series
Starting this week, come to G Style to catch up on popular TV shows (the ones that are available in HD only, cause HD is cool lol) that you may have missed. For all shows will have the video embedded in the article so you can catch up with them right from the site and most will have a short summary of the show and maybe some opinions. Be sure to leave your own comments as well. Check out the first one we did [Here]

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