ipodtouchgs Now you know you can’t talking about buying any gift this season in the music MP3 player arena without talking about a iPod. And if you have the budget for it, you should get the creme de la creme of the iPod world with the iPod Touch.

Price – $299.00 (8GB), $299.00 (16GB), $399.00 (32GB)
It Can – Play Music, Videos, E-Books, Games, and Application
WiFi – Yes
Screen – 3.5 inch, 480×320

The Good, It’s a iPod and Apple’s music player is pretty much the gold standard in music players. It has the touch screen, and all the goodness of a iPhone minus the 2 year contract and the extra cost of a monthly bill for voice and data.

The Bad, As I mention with the iPhone, everything must go through iTunes. This is good for some, not for all. The 32GB doesn’t seem worth the price, 399.00 for 32GB is kind of steep when you can go with another maker and get that same amount of more space for less. Shoot you can get the iPod Classic with triple the space for less than that price, your pretty much paying just for the Touchscreen.