Now you know we can’t talk about a mobile phone as a holiday gift idea without mentioning the iPhone 3G. If we did that, people would think we were crazy. Well with the iPhone, if you don’t know by now what it is and what it does, you must really have been living under a rock, but just in case you just came up from that rock, here is the snapshot for you

Price: $199.99 (8GB) or $299.99(16GB) on a new 2 Year Contract after rebate
Input: Touch Screen, Button
Screen Resolution: 480×320
Web Browsing: Yes, Full Web, Sets the standard for Web browsing
Carrier: AT&T
3G: Yes
Camera: 2.0 MegaPixels
Application Store: Yes
Media: iPod, YouTube Player, Video Player, iTunes
Expandable: No
Special Features: First and best touch screen device. Sets the standard for what is cool. Tons of apps in the Apple App Store. Best iPod ever. Easy access to iTunes.

The Good, welcome to the big show! This is the phone that ever other phone after it is compared to. This phone set the standard for mobile web surfing, media features, and touchscreen devices. It has 3G speed, and just oozes with G Style.

The Bad, No cut and paste, no MMS messages, all programs can only be installed via iTunes. Matter of fact everything has to go through iTunes, music, videos, contacts, calendar, everything. Not expandable beyond 16GB unless you buy a at current non existent new model. No way to use your device to the fullest unless yo jailbreak it.