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Ezo’s Movie Tidbits 11/26

First of all, this was definitely a “Twilight” weekend with the movie raking in more than $70 million at the box office. So now Summit Entertainment has announced that they will be officially moving forward with the second installment of the series titled “New Moon”. The movie will also be based on the second novel in the series by author Stephenie Meyer.

Now for all you “Star Trek” fans, Paramont is rolling out a full scale promotional tour of the J.J. Abrams –directed movie nearly six months before its May 8th release. Despite its overwhelming fan base, the studio hopes to bypass two potential obstacles in they’re way: the MySpace generation’s unfamiliarity with the series and the franchise’s typically weak performance in the global market. Abrams told The Hollywood Reporter. “Star Trek, especially in the foreign territories is perceived as one thing”. “Paramont thought it was really important to get out there and show them that it’s another” OK?!? Anyway since it’s push back from an original 2008 holiday release, the director had the chance to finish his movie early. So now extensive footage – including action sequences, ILM magic and even a Kirk bar fight, are available to preview. The new “Trek” trailer debuted in front of “Quantum of Solace” which came out on Nov. 14th and I reviewed right here on G Style Magazine.


In other news, George Lopez, Billy Ray Cyrus, Amber Valetta and Katherine Boecher have joined the comedy “The Spy Next Door” for Relativity says The Hollywood Reporter. The movie centers on a man (Jackie Chan) who is asked to baby-sit his neighbor’s children who he must protect after one of them accidentally downloads a code. Lopez and Cyrus play agents in the movie. Valletta plays the kid’s mom, and Boecher plays a Russian underworld operative.


In “Warcraft” news, Legendary Pictures is currently trying to assign some names to write the screenplay and someone to direct it. When asked if the movie will be live –action or CG animated like the games? “The idea has come up in discussions but it’s not something we’ve really considered because it takes so long to generate just a brief amount of footage that we create for the game. It would definitely be really cool. There is no question about that, it’s just that the quality of work that it would take is more than we’re willing to take at this point”


Producer Brian Grazer has shot down rumors that Matthew McConaughey was offered the role as the title character in the “Magnum P.I.” film which is currently in development. When asked, Grazer says “No. I think the idea for Magnum P.I. is to find a counterpoint. To not try and find the new Tom Selleck but to find someone that is just different that you go, oh my God! That guy is Magnum?!?”


I mentioned in my last entry about Will Smith revising his role of Robert Neville in a prequel to “I Am Legend”, well now there is talk that it will be a sequel. HUH? Now as you know if you seen the movie Smith’s character blows up at the end of the movie, but in the alternate ending on the DVD which was actually the original ending he lives. So why didn’t they just use that ending and then it would have been no problem making a sequel. So here is what I’m hearing now: Smith is actually the one who developed the initial story. It took place several years before the original film and there were pockets of survivors, that Will would have interacted with, bonding, and ultimately failing to save them. Now I think this would have worked, but with the ending that they used in the original movie we know that he would never have found a cure. So now with thoughts of it being a sequel they would have to somehow come up with a way were he survives the explosion. Stay tuned I’m sure this will get interesting in the months to come.

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