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Navigon 2200T Review *Holiday Gift Idea*

navigon-2200t-3.jpgThe Navigon 2200T is a mid-priced GPS system that will definitely add a stylish touch to any car. The piano black trim and 3.5 touch screen allow this device to be place nearly anywhere in your vehicle or even in your pocket if you want to carry it around.

When it comes down to how the device actually works, I thought the gadget did fairly well. Although it took a little while for a GPS signal to first be detected, the signal detection did speed up after the initial boot up. When the device is unplugged or your car is turned off, if the system is charging in the cigarette lighter, the device will automatically go into standby mode in 30 seconds or if canceled by the user. The touch screen display is large enough to read street names as well as show the nearest local restaurant or fast food chain as well as gas stations and car dealerships. It was a small learning curve for how the street entry worked for directions but it eventually proved to be a time saver due to the auto complete for street name.

The voice directed directions and assistance were very helpful in providing support in routes to various locations and the actual directions given were nice because they provided routes that passed up lights where possible to saves you time. The system also gave the option to view the street maps in 2D and 3D modes. This is a nice feature however I found it hard to see the surrounding streets in the 3D mode due to the angle display. Another pleasant feature that is included is the traffic notification for any major highway in the area. This proved to be very useful in finding alternate routes.

Overall the Navigon 2200T is a very nice and affordable GPS system that will be a useful addition to any car. Its size and slick casing allow it to be used in any area and go with any car interior. The Navigon 2200T can be purchased at any electronic store for around $229.00 or at www.navigon.com.

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