This LifeStyle post is about the Blackberry & Windows Mobile software called Viigo. So for the first time ever I’ve decided to get involved with a Football pool. Normally I don’t bother as I really don’t follow like that, yes I do check out the Superbowl, but not the regular season.

So this year I just jointed. It started with me just guessing with my team choices, then slowly by slowly I started getting more and more into it. This is where Viigo came in. See I use Viigo and read it as if it was the New York Times, Viigo is my newspaper. Normally I only go to the RSS Feed area, but this time I ventured into Sports. I added the NFL channel and added the Live scores. So now I just used it to see the scores on Monday morning to see how I did before the weekly results came out. However as time went on, I add the standings as well.

Now Viigo is just as important with my role in the Football pool as it is in my everyday reading as my newspaper. I now check the NFL standings before I pick my teams for the week. I now use Viigo to help me make a better informed choice in who I want to pick for the week instead of just guessing like in the beginning. I highly recommend Viigo if you are a Windows Mobile or Blackberry user! For more information on Viigo, check out or to download it from your phone, goto

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