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Noel Collection Slim Hard Cases for the iPhone 3G *Holiday Stocking Stuffer*

Talk about getting into the Holiday Spirit. These hard cases for the iPhone 3G is perfect to get in the Holiday spirit with, plus are so stylish, that it works equally well after December 25th as well. The Noel Collection by More-Time.com will run you $29.90, and comes in Siler, Dark Gold, Royal Blue, and Rouge (Red).

This hard cases promises the following:

* Slim fit hard cover. Prefect with Apple iPhone 3G.
* High reflection Metallic finshing.
* Allows access to all controls and ports without removing the case
* Prevents and shields Iphone from scratches damages and dust
* Free Mirror Screen Protector and Clear Logo protection film are included

You can pick these cases from www.more-thing.com

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