There are now more and more Blackberry Bold themes starting to trickle in. However many of these are either wack, make you pay for them and even those aren’t that hot. Then there are the iPhone look a like themes, that now have started showing up for the Blackberry Bold. We need to be saved from this! ASAP! Thank god for

Thye have released their first Blackberry Bold theme. This is called Enigma. And this is a banger! Stay tuned as G Style will have to step up it’s game and maybe include a video of this theme as the pictures alone won’t do it.

The Enigma theme is a nice dark and Blue theme for the Bold. The home screen icons scroll to the left or right displaying the first 10 icons. These icons are user customizable. The Background looks really good and is a good choice. The overall feel of this theme is that you are on board some futuristic spaceship.

There are some negative spots, they are small though. If you click on the “Manage Connections” area, the words look like they are messed up. Maybe this is how it is suppose to be, but it adds a blemish on an overall flawless theme. Other than this, as I said the theme is flawless and is on my Bold as we speak!

Check out this theme yourselves by going to