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The Weekly Recap 11/10 – 11/14

We are 2 weeks away from Black Friday. Time to start scouting out the gifts you will be giving this year to loved ones. Be sure to check out G Style next week and right up to December 24th, as we list some great stocking stuffers and gifts. so get prepared for next week as we seek what happened this week.

Bad Form Verizon Wireless, Bad Form
Verizon Wireless had a Blackberry Storm challenge in Times Square, NYC yesterday to which people could try to win a Storm by collecting 7 Blackberry Storm cards in a wind tunnel. Well apparently after a long streak of no one winning, it seems there wasn’t enough Blackberry Storm cards. Upon adding 25 more cards, 2 people right after that one. And the people who stuck around to find out they would of never won the first time, wasn’t even allow to try again. Bad Form Verizon Wireless! Check out more at [BGR]

The HTC Touch Pro Launches on AT&T aka The AT&T Fuze
Though we don’t really like the style of this phone, I’m sure there are some Windows Mobile users who are dying to get their hand on what is to be the Flagship of the HTC line (but not in terms of style lol). It launched for basically the same price of the Blackberry Bold with $299.99 after rebate. Check out more and some images at [BGR]

Could Lupe Fiasco Last Album be the END?
Lupe’s next album will be a triple disc one titled LupeEND. No release date has been confirmed yet, but after Lupe stating that his next album will be his last, could this be it? Atlantic Records so far have declined commenting on this fact. You can check out more at [Billboard]

The End of Circuit City Approaching?
At what has to be consumer electronic lovers, another titan in the game, could be at it’s end. Circuit City who we just last week mentioned was closing 155 stores has not filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Will they remain in operation after this restructure, only time will tell. Check out more from [Circuit City]

VUDU Now has 1100 HD Titles
VUDU has now boast to have the largest HD selection as of Monday. As they added 150 new HD titles, now bringing their total to 1100 titles. Kudos to VUDU. Check out more at [The Earth Times]

YouTube Will Now Host Full Length Movies from MGM
Maybe in hopes to keel up to speed with sites such as Hulu.com, YouTube will now host full lengths films. So far this is currently with MGM, but let’s see if any other studios sign up for this as well. Check out more at [Reuters]

The iPhone 3G Has Taken the Place of the Motorola RAZR as the Top Seller
In a great look for Smartphone everywhere, the iPhone, a smartphone is now the number one seller here in the US. Check out more right here on [G Style Magazine].

The iPhone 3G to Sell at Costco?
The iPhone is just about everywhere now. Apple Stores, AT&T, Walmart, now Costco. And it is rumor that it could go for as low as $149 at Costco. Check out more at [Apple Insider]

T-Mobile G1 Gets a Facebook App with fbook
It isn’t a exact Facebook app from Facebook themselves, but it is a good start. Made by the people of Next Mobile Web, it is basically the same as the mobile experience but with a add in of Photo Upload and Push capabilities. Check out more at [Android Central]

Viigo Add E-Books to the Fold!
Viigo is clearly our Publisher’s favorite software on his Blackberry. And they seem to be able to do it all. Now they have added E-Books to the equation and this seems like a perfect fit for them! I’m sure our Publisher already know about this, but if not we can’t wait to tell him! Check out more at [Crackberry]

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