The RichardSolo Back Up Battery for iPhone & Blackberry *Holiday Stocking Stuffer*

While there are quite a few “Back up battery/chargers”, this one doesn’t look ugly. If it is possible for a Back up battery to have style, then this is the one that has it. This back up battery has 1800 mAh of capacity, which is enough to completely charge your iPhone or Blackberry, and have reserve power left over.

This back up batter is a little steep, the RichardSolo 1800 costs $69.95 for either the iPhone or Blackberry model, but within the range of buying a extended battery anyway, plus you can’t even change the batter on the iPhone. This back up battery would make a great stocking stuff if you plan on buying someone a iPhone 3G, Blackberry Bold, Storm, or Curve this year. And even if they have their phone already, this would make a great gift, so with all that 3G goodness, they can keep going strong all day.

You can check out more information on this back up batter and purchase it by going to