So at little after 12am today MySpace released their long overdue application for the Blackberry. We here at G Style still stick to our belief that this app is a little too late. However we have reviewed this app to it fullest and want you guys to be informed on it. We installed this app on a Blackberry Curve 8310 and the new released Blackberry Bold. Below is our thoughts and a overview of the app.

Over this is a well design app. This would of been perfect for this to have been released about a year or two ago when MySpace was really popping off. Though well designed it comes off as way too late, especially with the Facebook app having dominance for some time now. That being said, this is a application that does come off smoother than the Facebook application. One example of this is the way the application moves from one area to another. If any of you are familiar with the Project Tango release of Viigo, when you change area, the screen slides in. This make for a great smooth change effect and this is present on the MySpace app.

It should be noted, that while the application installed and ran fine on our Blackberry 8310, it has been giving us constant problems with the Blackberry Bold. Launching it after install so far has given us a Blackberry App Error 523 upon logging into the app, to which we have to reset the Blackberry and then after this, it seems to be logged in. If you plan to use this on the Bold, we would recommend not logging out for the time being.


The Home screen area is the first you see after logging in. From there you can change your status message and mood, just like on the main site. You can also see the statuses and moods of your friends from here. This should refresh whenever you hit the home screen, but at the bottom, you have the option to manually refresh your list. While the color scheme of the MySpace app is close to that of the Facebook one, where the Facebook is of a softer like blue, the MySpace one is a deep Royal Blue color which I like.


The Inbox is what it is, the area you can view and reply to your messages. From the Inbox area you can see a list of your recent messages, which you can reply to or you can choose to Compose a new message from this area. Messages show up like a email message, and also includes the default avatar of the friend you are replying to. From the compose area, you can select the friend you want to type to (just be sure to know their current screen name or you’ll have a hard time finding that person) and then enter the subject and message.

Friend Request & Comments

The Friend Request area you can check your pending friend requests. With the Comment area you can view all of your recent comments. You can comment on your own page and by selecting someone who commented on your page, you have the option to comment back on their page.


On the Friends area you have quite a few options. You can views your friend by Top Friends, All Friends, Online Friends, New Friends, Birthdays, and Search Friends just like on the site. When you select a friend from the list, you can see their current default pictures, status, mood, as well as view all of their pictures, comments, and even information they have on their profile. This is a great feature, it is like using the site in a more streamlined way.

My Photos

The last area of the app, has to be the greatest feature of this whole app. The My Photo area of the MySpace app completely SMASHES the Facebook application! With the Facebook application, when you go to the photo icon, you are only taken to a area when you can choose a file on your BB that you want to upload. The photo area of the MySpace is amazing! From it can you literally look at all the albums you have on your profile. You can scroll through the albums you have on their with a Apple iPhone/iPod Touch CoverFlow feel to it.

From there you are given thumbnails of all of your images. When you select one, a bigger version loads up with all the other images from that item below the image as a row of scrolling bar of thumbnails (think of the Yahoo Messenger share photos feature). Hitting the menu button from the highlight picture will give you the option to add a photo comment, edit the caption of the photo, set the pic as the profile photo, or to set the image as the home screen image for your Blackberry, which will save the image to your pictures and the make it the home screen image (sweet!). The Photo area of the MySpace app, really shows off what a app can do and will be a deal breaker for this app. The best feature of this application!

In Closing
This is still a application that is way late on the scene, but RIM & MySpace are truly trying to make up for it with a vibrant and smooth interface, and that Photo area is truly remarkable! One feature we wish was included in the app, would be the ablity to create Bulletins. If it had this, the app would get a 5 out of 5 from us This app gets a 5 out of 5 from us as it even lets you Post Bulletins from the app we found out upon further digging. The photo area is a deal breaker, and makes it a app to be reckon with. Stacked against the Facebook app, we say it out classes, and out styles the Facebook app. Is Facebook currently cooler than MySpace right now, we think so, but is the MySpace app cooler than the Facebook one? We would have to say 100% yes it is, is it enough to drive us to use MySpace again? Slightly, but Facebook is still our favorite stack against MySpace. But this is one great application, we wish it has Bulletins, if you are a Blackberry user and still are into MySpace, this is a no brainer! Download it now!

You can get the MySpace app by going to from your Blackberry browser. It will also be listed under Recommend Software on our Mobile site at