People we can’t stress this enough. But if your a Blackberry theme maker, let’s close the book on iPhone like Blackberry themes! We feel it has been done to death by ever theme maker to download the Plazmic software! We understand that when the iPhone dropped, it changed the game and many wanted a piece of that. Yes it was cool to download a iPhone looking Blackberry theme and rub it in the faces of iPhone users who gloated about the way it looked and their visual voicemail (especially if you was one of those people who installed PhoneTag & their Visual Voicemail app on your BB). We understand all of this, but that time has come to a end.

We are in a whole new world now. As posted today, smartphones are taking over, the iPhone replaced the Motorola RAZR as the top seller in the US. Today is a new day people, the T-Mobile G1 is out, the Blackberry Bold is out, and the Blackberry Storm is on the way. Gone are the days where we need to have our Blackberry devices “look like the iPhone” to fit it. The Blackberry Bold is gorgeous, stands out on it’s own and doesn’t need to look like a iPhone to be cool, it does it already. If you need a theme for your new Bold, may we suggest the iBold from, or the Scarface theme by Blaze on If you have a Curve, then we suggest the Grid by, or the Blingin by

The days of copying are over, smartphones as a whole are the new “IN” phones, so rejoice and be proud of your smartphone individuality! I say boycott this theme by Bplay above! No more iPhone themes!

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