Yep this has been reviewed to death. And since we focus more on style and fashion of devices, this won’t be a in depth review. We will however break down some sections of the main points we want to drive home. So have a look at our review for the Research in Motion’s Blackberry Bold

First let’s just say, that this phone has been long overdue in America. So many countries have released this thing, even our closest neighbors in Canada have been enjoying the Bold for some time now. But this phone has been definitely worth the wait, ok let’s jump right into it!

Overall Style
As we said worth the wait! The Black & Chrome look is great. A lot of people like to say that it takes cues from the Apple iPhone, but I just don’t see if. If you want to say the colors Black & Chrome is from the iPhone, then there are plenty of other device that must be biting off Apple as well. The Blackberry Bold looks & feels great. It is compared in size to the Blackberry 8800, but oh what a difference curves can make! Where the 8800 was big and boxy, the Bold feel smaller and smoother. The Bold is smaller than we thought from pictures, slimmer, and lighter from what we thought. The Bold actually feels lighter than the Curve 8310 to us. The design cues are all on point, and the faux leather back….we like it!

The Screen
The Best screen ever on a Blackberry device hands down! The is the best screen on a mobile device period. Yes some will argue that the iPhone is the best, but while the iPhone screen is larger, the pixels on the Bold are denser which leads to sharper, crisper images. Images on the Blackberry Bold look phenomenal! I stumbled upon the included demo video, a Speed Racer movie clip, and I swear it looked so sharp, you could call it HD on the Bold! Nuff said…

3G Is the Best
Unlike that other mobile device that is also on AT&T’s network, the Bold holds on to the 3G signal like a true champ! While many iPhone 3G users were complaining about the iPhone always going back to EDGE, the Blackberry Bold locked on to 3G and wouldn’t like go of that signal. So far the only location that I seem to be having a issue with is in a office in Manhattan, where on the 36th Floor I can only get EDGE. When I headed to the Bronx last night, as soon as I came out the train tunnel I had 3G and it never dropped to EDGE till this morning when I got to that 36th Floor. The Bold hugs the 3G signal like a Boa constrictor hugs it’s prey, no lie!

Battery Life
We are still putting through it’s paces here, but so far battery life has been good even with 3G usage. So far we are still on our first official full day and a half of use and no issues, no dead batteries here, you might want to check back as we’ll update you guys on our battery thoughts.

All in all this is a solid device, it isn’t no iPhone, but then again if your a Crackberry addict then your not really looking for a iPhone like device. Plus if you were, you would probably be going for the Blackberry Storm which is coming soon. The device will run you $299.99 at AT&T after $100 rebate and is by far the best glimpse into the next generation of Blackberry devices, can’t wait to see the Storm now, as well as the Curve 8900. For more information, check out

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