Finally the Blackberry Bold is on Sale!

Looks like even AT&T jumped the gun on the release of the Blackberry Bold and I’m not even mad at them. As you see from the picture above, AT&T is now selling the Blackberry Bold on their website. Retail stores of course are closed right now but they will (should, if not I say burn the stores down lol) have them for sale in the morning.

As for myself, I’ll be ordering my Blackberry Bold from Small Business Care, so with Overnight delivery I won’t have it till maybe Wednesday by noon. But with all the waiting I’ve done for this thing, I have been force to learn how to wait. So I’ll survive till Wednesday! But for all the rest of you who will be be picking one up at a retail store, be sure to stop by this post and express your comments of joy and happiness.

On a side note, spoke with our friends over at and we should be seeing some Blackberry Bold theme goodness coming very soon, so once you pick up a Blackberry Bold be sure to stop by and pick up their first theme the iBold (one I’m personally getting myself), and then stay tuned for more to come!