Cynosure Theme by

So over the weekend I got to test out and review the Cynosure Blackberry theme for the Blackberry Curve from First off I must say for some reason this theme’s home screen make me feel as if I’m staring at the eye of Optimus Prime from Transformers the movie. Maybe this is what they used, and if so I’m dead on, but if not I wish it was, at that would be so cool. I love the home screen look, and again this is just a continuous reminder of what the guys at Elecite/eVeek are the best at what they do.

The Cynosure theme will run you about $6.99 from, which is about standard Blackberry theme price. But if you was going to pay for a theme, I would from as many of their theme are top notch. The icons this time around was a little smaller than what I’m use to, but not so much where they were hard to see. I’m biased to the color blue, so I love the blue hover over effect of the icons. Also as expected from the theme, this theme is clean and crisp, and the attention to detail is ever present.

The one negative mark, I would give this theme would be the dialog boxes. On this theme, they feel wayyy too big for this theme. It would of been better if the box and the fonts in these areas were smaller. I almost feel as if maybe they thought I was blind when it came to the dialog box lol. Especially when you compare how small the icons on the home and main screen, the dialog look jumbo after you get use to looking at the icons. Now while this wouldn’t turn me against buying the theme, just thought it should it should be noted.

Overall this is another hot theme from and I would give this theme a 4.7 out of 5. Again you can pick this theme up from and it cost $6.99