With all the talk of the Blackberry Bold lately, let’s not forgot this impressive new Blackberry Curve 8900. This use to go by the code name Javelin, but not the Curve 8900. This picture is the first I’ve seen of what looks to be a AT&T branded Curve 8900. This is excellent news! If they have a Curve 8900 in the works, I can’t wait (I know I’m looking to get a Bold November 4th, but hey I can be excited) since I thought for some reason that T-Mobile would be getting it long before AT&T. But not there is hope lol. Click more for a shot of the old and the new and some specs.

The Curve 8900 compares well to the Blackberry Bold with some things missing as well. The Curve 8900 will have a faster processor (512 MHZ), compared to the current Curve’s 312 MHZ one. It will also come with 256MB Onboard flash memory. The display will be a HVGA at 480×360, which is smaller than the Bold’s but bigger than the current Curve’s 320×240 screen.

Again the Curve 8900 will compare well with the Bold, it will however be missing 3G, and some of the executive touches that the Bold has, like the faux leather back. While the Blackberry Bold is the flagship of the line, the Blackberry Curve 8900 is the second in command. I myself would have gotten this Curve 8900 if it was coming out now and it had 3G, but since not, I’m with the Bold. And that is what is will mainly come down to with these two, to 3G or not to 3G, that is the question.

Check out the review at [Gizmodo]

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