The Big Three Round Table Coming Soon

This is it right here, this picture right here is like the 50 Cent “I Get Money” Remix with Diddy and Jay-Z here. Starting from the left, the T-Mobile G1 (The Google Phone), the Blackberry Bold (The Flagship), the Apple iPhone 3G (The Revolution). I don’t care what anyone says, these 3 phones are the Big Three (sorry Windows Mobile), they are the new Rat Pack!

We here are G Style Magazine, will be kicking off G Style TV coming soon, real soon and one of the first videos you will see from us is the Big Three Round Table discussion. We will be be sitting down with 3 people, one with the G1, the Bold, and the iPhone and debating the pros and cons or all as we dive into style game, functionality, and overall appeal. Stay tune, G Style TV is on it’s way!