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Blackberry Bold Isn’t at Best Buy Yet

So BGR had many tips yesterday that said that the Blackberry Bold would be coming out today at Best Buy. I took the time to check out the Best Buy on 86th & Lexington in NYC to see if we we’re that lucky.

Now while they had the dumby model and a price point, upon asking the sales guy, he stated that they would be selling it on October 30th. So that would be either this Thursday or Friday. So while this is a good step forward, still no Bold yet. Has anyone else had this happen. Any other Best Buys have the display model but not selling yet?

Looks like I’ll still be waiting till November 4th when AT&T will be selling it, unless they release it earlier. And just a note this is the first post I’m doing directly from my Blackberry, so hopefully it does go through and it comes out correctly.

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  1. I know man, AT&T/RIM, whoever is killing me with this now. All I know is November 4th it better be out, actually was talking to some reps at Best Buy and they may have it this Thursday or Friday. If so I’ll be getting it from them. Since I’m a Rewards Zone member I get 20% off their price which it would put it cheaper than AT&T.

  2. Cause I don’t feel like paying unlocked prices for it lol. Plus I’ve been with AT&T for the last 4 years +, I don’t think I’m leaving any time soon, so the need for a unlocked phone is small, plus if I go abroad, AT&T will give me the unlock code for it, since I’ve been with them so long and have some good contacts with them.


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