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We’re Curious here at G Style, Which are you Getting?

So now that the HTC G1 is out, as far as we’re concerned, the Big 3 right now is the Apple iPhone, the HTC G1, and the upcoming Blackberry Bold on November 4th. But I’m sure coming right after is the Blackberry Storm. So that pegs the question, which one do you have currently or will be getting coming soon? Let’s us know with this poll below. You can also do the poll on the right hand of the screen.

The Poll shall last till the end of the Month. So it shall be open till October 31st.

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Jason Anderson is the Publisher & Editor At Large of G Style Magazine. A known gadget head and lover of all things digital. Some of his favorite movies include Hackers, The Net, The Matrix (1, 2, & 3), and Transformers.....see a trend here lol.


  1. First there are still a lot software problems. But I think that build quality of this device isn’t A+ like lets say is Curve or iPhone. Also that “metal” frame is just chrome dyed plastic, back is faux leather…

    I think Bold will be device that RIM would like to forget they made and Storm/Thunder is way to go. Also Javelin looks very promesing. Has everything we missed on Curve…

  2. I will agree that the Javelin will be the next “IT” Blackberry device, but the fact that the first version of it won’t have 3G is depressing. Also I’m still on the fence for using a “touch” screen for a power user like myself. I can’t say with confidence that I could type without looking down at the screen as I would with a keyboard. I’m set to buy the Bold come November 4th. The main reason being 3G, WiFi, and GPS in one. Plus the simultaneous voice and data.

  3. 3G is important because we live in a broadband world now. Who wants to have broadband at home to go back to dial up or less on their mobile. And let’s not mention how we are so far behind like Japan, whose speeds trumps ours. 3G is important when you look towards the future. One day our mobile devices will be our PCs. Future phones will become so powerful that we may dock them at home to a bigger screen, but then undock and use on the move. No one will have a “desktop” anymore, our mobile device will be as powerful and probably will replace these desktop/laptop machines. When that happens, they will need to have the speed to connect to the world around it. Without 3G and more speed, that adoption won’t happen.

  4. Yeah guys, 3G is crucial. Forget video calling, 3G is essential for normal web browsing. I need it NOW.

    I wish I had enough money for a new device. I bought the iPhone 3G about 3 months ago so I still have 33 months left on my contract.

    By the time I’m done my contract, mobile phones will be obsolete. We’ll be living on the moon and talking via psychic connection.

  5. Haha @ Kyle & Psychic connection. Man I’m still waiting for the contact lenses that will have the display in them. I’ll be the first on line for that (once it is proven 100% safe first of course!)


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