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The Weekly Recap 10/20 – 10/24

Ok people you only have one week left. You now have exactly 6 days left to enter to week this Apple iPod Nano. We are quite surprised, that so few have enterted to win. With the amount of traffic we’ve had this month, only 7 people so far are confirm in the race for this thing. Is it that the new iPod Nano isn’t all that, or has the world gone flip and people would rather buy their own gadget than get a free one. Has the world gone mad lol :oP Well if you are interested, 6 days to go with the winner announced on October 31st! Ok what happened this week! click to find out.

Diddy Buys Enyce Clothing Line
Ahh Enyce, I remember wearing you back in the day, was a great clothing line, shoot where did it fall off to. Well Diddy is now adding to his stable of lines which include Sean John, and Zac Posen. Diddy’s plan is to go in on Enyce and remix that bad boy like he does with his music. Check out more at [VIBE]

ALP 3.0 & ALP Mini announced, finally something new from Palm!
Is Palm based phones even relevant anymore. Seems like the big 3 right now would be Apple (iPhone), Android (HTC G1), and Blackberry (Bold, Storm, Curve 8900, Pearl Flip). Palm has long fallen off with us. But it seems they have finally announced a new operating system. Now time will tell if this new OS will help them. check out more at [Palm Info Center]

Verizon FIOS Making It’s Way to the Bronx, First Major Stop: Parkchester
If your in Parkchester prepare to experience “the Fiber….” lol, actually this is nice, Parkchester will soon have a choice of Cablevision who has dominate for as long as I can remember and now Verizon’s FIOS! Excellent! Check out more at [Verizon]

Storm vs Bold vs iPhone Video
Well you know this was going to happen, now that the Blackberry Storm is floating around, check out the comparison at [Crackberry]

The Blackberry Bold Finally Coming Out in 11 Days!
Yes I’ve been waiting for this phone since June, but I’m not about to pay crazy prices for it or try to get it unlocked from another country like some, I can wait. And wait I’ve done, well in 11 days I shall have to wait no more. And when it does come I may just start blogging completely from it. Yes I’m fully set up to blog from my Blackberry Curve, but eh just haven’t done so yet, but when the Bold comes who knows, check out the page at [AT&T] Which they have bother to update yet.

Apple Has Reached It’s 10 Million iPhone Goal Already!
Back when Apple first made this claim, I know I didn’t think it would happen, but wow want a full 15 months can do. I stand corrected and wow, congrats to them. Check out more at [TheiPhoneBlog]

Ok everyone enjoy the weekend and enter in if you have already. It’s a free iPod for goodness sake! lol

Jason Andersonhttp://about.me/jasonlanderson
Jason Anderson is the Publisher & Editor At Large of G Style Magazine. A known gadget head and lover of all things digital. Some of his favorite movies include Hackers, The Net, The Matrix (1, 2, & 3), and Transformers.....see a trend here lol.


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