We’ll start Friday with another hot theme from eVeek. This one is called Blue Angel and it is a free theme, this one is for the 8300 & 8800 series only this time around. The graphics looks great, and the home screen design is hot. This is another example why we think eVeek/Elecite is at the top of this Blackberry theme game. Click for one more image and further thoughts.

Ok now while this theme is hot and unique, and different the one area we think the team slipped on is the main screen. Sure the home screen is nice, but this below. Anyone see a problem here

I have absolutely no idea what icon is what. I feel like I’m playing that old school memory game where you have to remember what flash card was what. You can only see what the application is once you scroll over it, not bad if you just casually looking around, but not cool if you need to get to a app quickly and can’t remember where it was. Overall this is a unique hot theme, but we think the main screen needs icons you can clearly identify from jump.

You can get this theme from www.eveek.com, but you’ll need to register to get it. Registration is however free, so I would do it now.