How has everyone be doing this week. We here just want to remind you that there is only 12 days left to enter to win a new Apple iPod Nano. You can enter to win but clicking on the picture. So far there has only been a low number of entered, so if you enter now, you have a greater probability of winning :o) So now for the weekly recap.

The Blackberry Bold Is Suppose to be Coming Out October 27th, Not Holding My Breath
We don’t know about you, but all this waiting for the Blackberry Bold is starting to lose it’s appeal. First June, then July, August, September, October, and still with rumors of it being in November. Well supposedly it may come out on October 27th. At this point, we’ll believe it when we see it, check out more [BGR]

Jay-Z Relaunches The Hollywood Palladium
First Frank Sinatra in 1940, and now Jay-Z in 2008. Jay-Z helped re-launch the Hollywood Palladium on October 15th to a sold out show after it has be closed for more than a year for renovations. Check out more at [Billboard]

50 Cents Returns with “Before I Self Destruct” album December 9th
50 Cent returns with a new album December 9th with some productions and guest spots from the like of Eminem and Dr. Dre, the album with also come packaged with a 90 minute full featured movie. For more check out [Billboard]

HTC G1 Pre-Orders Arriving Earlier than Expected?
There nothing like waiting for a new gadget to arrive (I know, I’ve been waiting for the Blackberry Bold since June lol), so for the people who pre-ordered the T-Mobile’s HTC G1, it might be Xmas come early as some people are mentioning that it has arrived or their UPS tracking number states it is on the way. Even G Style Magazine’s co-owner Chuck Holliday might be getting his early as well. Check out more at [Android Phone Fans]

Xbox & Blackberry Come Together
Have a Xbox 360 and a Blackberry? Well now you can combine these two addiction together. There is a Blackberry application that allows you to see which of your friends are on and playing one, sounds like a good idea to us. check out more at [Crackberry]

That’s it for this week. See you guys on Monday! And don’t forget to enter to win the iPod Nano

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