Ok this is getting to the point now where if the Blackberry Bold doesn’t come out for AT&T soon, I’m going to have a melt down. Elecite has just helped me escape my fear with their new iBold theme. See I have so many themes that I love on my Blackberry Curve, I feared that when I got the Bold, I wouldn’t have any theme to use on their for awhile. Along with a couple Bold themes that popped up, this one from Elecite.com has given me hope. This theme is great, I just wish I had the Bold to test it on. From the screenshots it looks great, very unique and a excellent way to kick off their Bold themes!

You can get this theme from www.elecite.com. It cost $6.99 and it is for the Blackberry Bold running OS 4.6 or higher. I know I’ll be getting this theme when I get my Bold, if it ever comes out!