Ok people here it is! What some of you have been waiting for. The Giveaway! lol We would like to personally thank everyone this month during our 3rd anniversary of the launch and operation of G Style Magazine. We would like to thank each and every one of you for checking us out, coming back to read more, and spreading the word. So from the staff and myself again, Thank you. And let’s get this movement going, let’s keep spreading the word about G Style Magazine!

Ok so this won’t be a empty thank you, we here at G Style Magazine would like to express our thanks by giving away a new Apple iPod Nano! We will be giving a new Apple Nano 8GB in Purple and to enter in this giveaway all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. Click on to see what we will be giving away:

– 1 4th Generation Apple iPod Nano in Purple
– 1 $25 Dollars Apple iTunes card to start you off

Now when you leave a comment on the post, be sure you fill out your full name, and email address. As for the comment themselves, it can’t simply be a “hi”, “hello”, “commented”, one word type of comment. We would like you to provide a answer to one of the following questions:

-What do you like about G Style Magazine?
– What would you like to see covered in G Style Magazine?
– What would you like improved about G Style Magazine?
– If you worked for G Style Magazine, what would you change?

You can pick any one question and leave a comment answering that question. Good luck everyone, and thank you again for the continued support! *UPDATED* The Giveaway will run for the duration of the month, closing on Thursday October 30th. Meaning we will select a winner on Friday October 31st aka Halloween.