This was a Google, T-Mobile, and HTC week people. With HTC and T-Mobile having a official press event for the unveiling of the HTC G1 aka The Dream aka The Google Phone. This is the first phone to sell that will run off of Google Android Platform. It is going to go for $179.99 with a 2 year contract for new customers.

This is also the week before G Style Magazine turns 3. Yes next week, October 1st G Style will celebrate it’s 3rd anniversary. We already hinted at the Blackberry theme we will be releasing and we have put out the files for the Blackberry OS 4.5 files so you can upgrade and be right for that. We will be also releasing another item. Stay tuned today for that announcement. So for now, let’s dive into this week’s recap.

MySpace Music Offers Free Music
Starting September MySpace Music will allow you to listen to music from all the big labels (being ad supported of course) This is at least a beginning step in te right direction. You won’t be able to download anything to a MP3 player, but if you are interested in a song, it will link you to Amazon’s site. Read more at [BGR]

SlingBox Pro HD Is Now Shipping
This is something I’m still waiting for. I have been a fan of SlingBox for a long time now but am still waiting for their client for the Blackberry. They are however now shipping the SlingBox Pro HD. The Pro HD will allow you to stream HD content either 720p or 1080i. Check out more at [SlingMedia]

Not All Are Liking the New HTC G1 with Android
While not saying that the phone software as in Android is bad, this former employee of Google, is not happy with the choice of handset to release Android on. And we must say we completely agree. If they had released Android on the HTC Touch HD, that would of been something, the G1 ehh. Read more of his thoughts at his blog at []

A Blu Ray Player Profile 2.0 for $299, We’re Almost Getting There
Panasonic is now selling their DMP-BD35 for $299. While I’m personally waiting for a player to drop to $199, this is at least a start. Check out more at [EngadgetHD]

New Britney Spears Single “Womanizer”
Britney Spears new single from her upcoming album “Circus” hit the radio waves this week. The album is slated to be released on December 2nd. Check out more at [Billboard]

Jay-Z Launches New Label StarRoc
While we don’t think this is a cool label name, this is another venture in harmony with Jay-Z’s Live Nation deal. Jay-Z has teamed up with Norwegian songwriting/production duo Stargate to create the StarRoc banner, which will encompass a record label and publishing company Check out more at [BillBoard]

That’s it for this week, hope everyone is prepared for next week! We can’t wait till we turn 3, enjoy your weekend all!

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