Keeping in the spirit of recap day, we’ll just go through a bunch of themes we spotted that are hot!

First is from, they have put a new theme for Blackberry called Scion. Another great concept and something different from the norm. It has a round home screen on what looks like a wood background. You can get this one from for $6.99.

The next theme is for you lucky Blackberry Bold users, this theme is for the Bold and it is a Scarface inspired theme. I’ll be sure to try this one if the Blackberry Bold ever gets releases by AT&T here in the US. You can get this theme for your Bold from from this OTA link or just visit for a desktop download. This one is free.

This last theme is from Bplay and is available for all models but looks especially good on the Bold model they show here. If you have a Bold I would definitely try this one. Now while if you had a Curve I wouldn’t go for it really since there are bottom dock zens themes and other kind of themes, this might look really well on a Pearl model. You can get this theme by going to Bplay, it cost $5.99.