Blackberry users there are plenty of themes out there and some fire ones like the one above made by But the themes like the one you see above can only be installed if you are rocking the latest Blackberry Operating System, which is currently 4.5

G Style Magazine is planning on giving some away some things coming October first, but some of these items will require you to have Blackberry OS 4.5 to enjoy them. So you'll need to upgrade as soon as possible. To help with these we have took the liberty of uploading the Blackberry OS 4.5 for the following models. So download the one for your model below!

Blackberry 8100

Blackberry 8120

Blackberry 8130

Blackberry 8310

Blackberry 8320

Blackberry 8330

Coming October 1st, won't be the only one with a Blackberry theme for it's viewers! But you will need that Blackberry OS 4.5 to get it, plus it's stylish to stay on top of the game, so upgrade that OS people! If you need help or don't know how to upgrade a Blackberry OS, check out the tutorial at, this is the link How to Install or Upgrade a Blackberry OS